17 August 2010

Keeping an eye on molecules

By Jes Andersen

Getting a good look at molecules is always difficult. Especially in living cells. But Tom Vosch, who is the new associate professor at the Department of Chemistry in Copenhagen, is dedicated to figuring out novel ways to look at very small stuff.

Expert in molecular detection; Tom Vosch

In 2005 and 06 Dr. Vosch worked as a postdoc with Professor Robert Dickson at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta USA. In Atlanta Tom Vosch was developing silver based luminescent markers to be used in labelling living cells: A tool that could be very useful in conjunction with high resolution microscopy.

Combining microscopy with laserlight allows deep insights into living cells 


Dr. Vosch, who is a native of Belgium, got his PhD at the University of Leuven for work using fluorescence spectroscopy to study energy transfer in dendrimers containing rylene dyes. Insights from this work and later projects will now be put to good use in Vosch' Copenhagen appointment.


Since 2006 Dr Vosch has continued his work on metal based luminescent markers in Leuven. This work has given him considerable insight into setting up apparatus for single molecule detection, spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy.

In Copenhagen the Belgian detection doctor expects to put his skills to use in a number of collaborations, starting with the various projects working on synthetic biology.