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22 May 2014

Heavy coursework eased by Teacher of the Year at SCIENCE 2014

SCIENCE tutor 2014

It probably comes as no surprise that chemistry students consider coursework titled quantum chemistry and theoretical spectroscopy grueling. Nevertheless, students of these courses nominated their instructor, Stephen Sauer, for Teacher of the Year at SCIENCE 2014 – an award that he has now received.

Good sense of humour makes course accesible

Sauer is an associate professor at the Department of Chemistry who specializes in computational chemistry. Among student grounds for choosing Sauer was that:

“Sauer’s good sense of humour and engagement has made a difficult course accessible, and at the same time helped maintain a high academic level.”

Many popular tutors runners up

Forty-three instructors from across SCIENCE received nominations for the prestigious award. The many nominations came from students who either individually or in groups described the makings of a good instructor. The selection process was managed by the SCIENCE Students’ Representative Council.

Students applaud multimedia in instruction

In their choice of Sauer, students highlighted the professor’s creation of his own instructional materials, his exemplary notes and not least, his experimentation with new media.

“He has recorded lectures to video and expedited their availability to students. Students have been enthusiastic and referred to these videos as “an innovative supplement to exam readings.” “These videos, in particular, were weighted heavily by us in our decision of the Teacher of the Year, and we hope that this initiative inspires many others,” explained the Representative Council.

Fakulty awards prize to celebrate good instructors

This is the first time that the Faculty of Science has presented a Teacher of the Year award. SCIENCE faculty management explains that the award is intended to spotlight quality instruction, effective instructional teams and excellent instructors.

“Instruction and education are the core activities at SCIENCE. Therefore, it is important to value and celebrate the many instructors who can and want to do something special for instruction,” notes faculty management in a memo.