Organisational structure

Head of Department

Pernille Harris

Responsible for daily leadership of the Department, including planning and distribution of work within guidelines set by the principal and the board. The institute leader can assign tasks to scientific employees with respect for the employees choice of methods.

Deputy Head of Department for Research 

Mogens Brøndsted Nielsen

Chairman of the Researh Counsil. Institute Representative in The Faculty of Science's Research Counsil.

Main responsible for counselling the Institute Leader regarding development of the Institutes research and initiatives that can strengthen the Departments collaboration with external partners and external research grants.

Deputy Head of Department for Instruction 

Anders Døssing

Responsible for counselling the Head of Department regarding amount, quality, coherence and development of the Department's teaching efforts and oversee the diaogue with relevant study leaders and study boards regarding the amount of teaching and course evaluations.

Department Administrator

Solvejg Jørgensen

Leader of the Administration of Department of Chemistry.

Head of Studies for Chemistry

Stephan Sauer

Head of Studies for the BSc and MSc Chemistry programme.

Head of Studies for Nanoscience

Thorsten Hansen

Head of Studies for the BSc and MSc Nanoscience programme

Head of Studies for Medicinal Chemistry

Christian Marcus Pedersen

Head of Studies for the BSc Medicinal Chemistry programme

The Department of Chemistry's leadership tema (KILT)


  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Biological Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Nano Chemistry
  • Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry