General work environment and safty rules


• No eating or drinking in the labs.
• Safety goggles must be worn at all times in the lab.
• Lab coats are never to be worn outside the lab.
• No pipetting by mouth.
• Chemical spills must be handled appropriately (see safety sheets). Waste chemicals must be disposed of according to the rules and using the correct categories for chemical waste.
• Chemicals, glass and sharp objects must not be discarded in the ordinary waste bins.
• Syringe needles must be capped or discarded in the special yellow needle containers immediately after use.
• Supervisors are responsible for correct instructions and risk assessments before any work in the labs begins.
• Those responsible for lab courses and supervisors are required to make safety sheets available in the lab (download from ). Ph.D. students and scientific personnel are responsible for their own work.
• Substitution to less dangerous chemicals /solvents must always be considered .
• Only a minimum of necessary chemicals and solvents should be present in the labs.
• Chemicals should be stored in the original packing. If distributed in new containers these must be labeled correctly.
• In the student labs all chemicals must be labeled according to present law/announcements with danger symbols and Risk(R) and Safety(S) symbols.
• No riding in elevators with compressed gas cylinders, condensed gasses and low boiling liquids (in quantities above 2.5 L). (Special instructions for locking the elevators are available).
• Pressure cylinders must always be secured properly. During transportation the protective cap must be used. Pressure cylinders not in use (except lecture bottles) shall be stored in the K-building.
• Students (bachelor and masters students) must not work alone in the labs without written permission from the supervisor.
• Additional local safety rules shall always be obeyed.