Atmospheric Infuser Research laboratory

University of Copenhagen

Matthew Johnson, Professor of environmental chemistry, University of Copenhagen. Head of AIR-lab ucph

AIR-lab UCPH is dedicated to improving air quality. Indoor as well as outdoor.

Through research into the GPAO or Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation air cleaning method AIR lab hopes to solve emission problems in industrial and residential settings.

GPAO is an air cleaning method which harnesses the natural process causing the Earth’s atmosphere to clean itself. Ozone is injected into a polluted airstream which is then irradiated with UV-light. This triggers a chemical reaction where polluting molecules start to form particles.

See the air cleaning principle here

GPAO works without filters, which is why it involves very little maintenance. It requires markedly less energy than existing technologies and because it removes pollution rather than dissolving it, the GPAO system can completely negate the need for a chimney.


Head of AIR lab UCPH: Matthew Johnson