Associated Researchers

Crystallography is the primary technique used in atomic structure determination of molecules of all sizes, from simple chemical compounds to large biological macromolecular complexes.

The research interests of the crystallographers in the BBC section span many aspects of crystallography, from method development to studies of inorganic and organic compounds and large biological macromolecules (protein, protein-protein and protein-DNA complexes).

One area of research is crystal engineering and crystal polymorph of medically relevant compounds (Anders Ø. Madsen). Recent areas of research focus in macromolecular crystallography have been transcription factor-DNA interactions (Leila Lo Leggio) and malaria-associated proteins (Sine Larsen), while the study of enzymes has been ongoing for over 15 years, especially enzymes involved in processing complex carbohydrates (Leila Lo Leggio, Sine Larsen) and involved in nucleotide metabolism (Sine Larsen, Anders Kadziola).

Student projects are available in all these areas of research and several other collaborative projects with other groups. Additionally to their own research projects, the crystallography group supports the synthetic chemists in the Department in characterization of the compounds.

The macromolecular research is supported by a small protein crystallization facility (run by Jens-Christian N. Poulsen) including a robot and a documentation system) and also used by external users. The Department has also recently secured renewal of its diffractometers through a successful application to the Villum Kann Rasmussen foundation (main applicant Sine Larsen).