This project is part of the PTM-Antibody Group and concerns generation and evaluation of research-based antibodies specifically for targeting AGE modified proteins for analytical and therapeutically purpose.

Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGE) are structures formed irreversibly when carbohydrates react non-enzymatically with proteins, lipids, or DNA. Formation of AGE is a very frequent phenomenon in humans, known to induce oxidative stress and to trigger inflammatory response and leading to innate and adaptive immune responses. Not very much is known about the importance of various forms of AGE and there is a definite need for new reagents for both analytical and therapeutically purpose. We will use an animal diabetic model, a state-of-the-art antibody generation platform and synthetic combinatorial AGE-peptide and protein antigen libraries. We will:

  • Synthesize large AGE libraries used for identification of immune-reactive epitopes in diabetic and associated diseases (example figure below).
  • Develop a large panel of specific anti-AGE monoclonal antibodies (technology transfer).
  • Perform in vivo test in diabetes animal model of selected antibodies.