Tumor glycoprofiling. This is a joint EU-FP7-INCOLAB financed research project between UCPH (Den), Transgene (Fra), Fudan Univ (China), INT (Ita), MHH (Ger) to enhance focused on immune phenotype as personalized medical biomarker for prognosis of cancer patients. The major objective for UCPH is to develop a Luminex-based glycoprofiling assay for differential diagnosis of Colon, Lung and Breast cancers. We recently developed an antibody-microarray based approach (Chen et al) suitable for clinical samples from the United Kingdom Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS). Here we will extend the microarray based assay technology into a Luminex bead platform that is: (a) more suitable and available at clinics and (b) allow multiplex assay developments. Secondly, the objective will be to improve sensitivities and specificities of Luminex-based iEOC diagnosis by (i) inclusion of additional tumor related proteins, such as HE4 and CEA, for glycoprofiling and by (ii) incorporating new monoclonal antibodies in the assay for improved CA125 quantification.

Project related references: 

O. Blixt, et al., Breast Cancer Res., 2011, 13(2): R25.

K. Chen, et al., J. Proteome Res., 2013, 12(2): p. 1408-18.

Link to homepage of IMMUNOCAN: http://immunocan.transgene.fr