Organic Synthesis

  • Photochromic and Light-harvesting Molecules
  • Redox-active Molecules
  • Donor-Acceptor Molecules (charge-transfer systems)
  • Molecular Wires and Switches
  • π-Conjugated Oligomers and Macrocycles

Photochromic and Light-harvesting Molecules - "Solar Heat Batteries"

One goal is to develop photochromic molecules that can harvest sunlight, store the energy in chemical bonds via photo-isomerization reactions, and release the energy again when needed. In particular, we work on tuning the properties of the dihydroazulene (DHA) / vinylheptafulvene (VHF) photo/thermoswitch. DHA undergoes a light-induced ring-opening reaction to generate VHF, which in time returns to DHA. By suitable functionalization, we aim at controlling both the amount of energy stored in the meta-stable VHF isomer and the rate of the VHF to DHA back-reaction. For example, both the ring-opening and ring-closure reactions are stongly influenced by electron-donating or withdrawing substituents placed in either the five- og seven-memberede ring of DHA.

We have particular focus on using metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions, such as the Suzuki coupling, for functionalizing the DHA core. By a bromination / elimination / cross-coupling protocol, an acryl substituent is readily incorporated regioselectively in the seven-membered ring of DHA:

In a related project, we are developing photoresponsive liquid crystals based on the DHA/CHF system - click for more information

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