Department of Chemistry – University of Copenhagen

Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen
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Build a better world - Atom by atom

Study for your masters' degree in chemistry at a university with a strong experimental tradition, an egalitarian worldview and a strong collaboration with leading research facilities in Europe and the world.

The Department of Chemistry in Copenhagen offers you a flexible, challenging and inspiring education. You will be taught by some of the best researchers in your field of choice, and get plenty of hands on experience in well equipped labs.
The methods of chemistry allow you to create materials and substances that were never imagined by nature. Better drugs, cleaner fuels, friendlier chemicals.

Armed with a Masters degree from Copenhagen, you will be prepared for jobs in research and development. Private as well as public. Applied as well as fundamental. You will be able to create brand new substances, improve existing ones, and analyse the fate of chemicals released to the environment.

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