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  • New discovery about harmful particles: "We have found a fundamental shortcoming in air pollution models"

    Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have discovered a surprising phenomenon in a process by which certain gas molecules produce harmful particles. The impact of this phenomenon is likely to increase in urban areas as pollution decreases. This knowledge can serve to help politicians adopt better measures to combat air pollution and contribute to improve climate models. »
  • Researchers find that a new family of copper binding proteins is involved in fungal copper regulation

    Researchers from INRAE, Marseille in France, Duke University School of Medicine, North Carolina in USA and University of Copenhagen (UCPH) discover that a new group of copper binding proteins is involved in fungal copper regulation. The research has just been published in two back to back articles in Nature Chemical Biology. »
  • Paper in Nature Communications

    A scientific collaboration led by researchers at iNANO/Aarhus University and Copenhagen University has resulted in the construction of a synthetic DNA nanopore capable of selectively translocating protein-size macromolecules across lipid bilayers. These discoveries can pave the way for applications involving the programmable cell perforation and potential size selective delivery of drugs, DNA or even proteins as well as label free biosensing »

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