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  • Discovering the next generation of catalysts


    The use of solar and wind energy must be doubled to meet the world's demand for clean energy over the next 30 years. Catalysts that can ensure the storage of solar and wind energy in fuels and chemicals will therefore play an increasingly important role. The catalysts that are used today are, however, often both expensive and ineffective. Now researchers at the University of Copenhagen and DTU have developed a method that makes it easier to find better and cheaper catalysts, with their results having recently been published in the journal “JOULE”.


  • New weapon to combat counterfeit goods: use your smartphone to check for fake merchandise


    Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have invented a chemical fingerprint that, when used with a phone app, reveals whether a product is genuine or a fake. The fingerprints have been tested and earned a 100% success rate. »

  • Nikos Hatzakis New Associate Member of CPR


    CPR welcomes Associate Professor Nikos Hatzakis as associate member »

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