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  • Professor Henrik G. Kjærgaard receives funding from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

    Professor Henrik G. Kjærgaard receives funding from the American foundation – Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to the project entitled “Autoxidation of Organic Compounds in Indoor Environments”. The project is in collaboration with Professor Paul Wennberg, CALTECH. »
  • Breakthrough: Researchers find the key to making fluorescent silver

    A fluorescent blend of silver and DNA could help us better understand diseases. University of Copenhagen researchers have crystallized a compound with properties that could make it an effective tool for tissue and cell imaging – one that might contribute towards satisfying high global demand for a broader range of dyes. By crystallizing the compound, the researchers now hold the key to its properties and further development of new and improved versions. »
  • New center to replace oil and gas with sustainable chemistry

    The chemical industry requires new technologies as they phase out oil and gas in the years ahead. Catalysts made from so-called ‘high-entropy alloys’ may be the key to chemistry based on renewable energy. In line with both demand and technological promise, University of Copenhagen researchers have been awarded a grant from the Danish National Research Foundation for a new center where future generations of these alloys will be studied. »

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