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  • New Research Could Fine-Tune the Gene Scissors CRISPR


    When researchers and doctors use the tool CRISPR to correct genetic errors, it may have side effects on the human genome. Now, researchers from the University of Copenhagen have learned how the molecular machinery behind CRISPR works and thus expect to be able to fine-tune CRISPR and remove the undesired effects. »

  • New method promises fewer side-effects from cancer drugs


    A recent achievement in the field of protein research allows for better tailored pharmaceuticals with fewer side-effects. The method was developed by two University of Copenhagen researchers. »

  • Jan Rossmeisl receives medal


    On 23 August 2018 Jan Rossmeisl, professor at Department of Chemistry and member of the Nano-Science Center, received Ellen og Niels Bjerrums Kemikerpris. »

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