19 June 2020

Eight scientists from the Department of Chemistry receive more than 40 million from DFF

Otte forskere modtager mere end 40 millioner fra DFF

"It is not every day that eight colleagues from Department of Chemistry almost simultaneously are notified by the Danish Research Foundation that they receive millions in support to their research projects." Head of Department Mikael Bols congratulates Associate Professor Thorsten Hansen, Professor Gemma Clare Solomon Larsen, Associate Professor Thomas Just Sørensen, Associate Professor Stergios Piligkos, Associate Professor Tom André Jos Vosch, Associate Professor Michael Pittelkow and Professor Kurt Valentin Mikkelsen with the great acknowledgement of their research. Support for the very different fields of their chemistry research - from quantum mechanical calculations, to the synthesis of new light emitting compounds to projects for the testing and fabrication of solar cells combining theoretical modeling, organic synthesis and singlet oxygen studies. "The pure number of applications accepted shows the quality of research at the Department of Chemistry is world-class, but also that we can meet the expectations to us as researchers to contribute to the green transition and the development of a sustainable society."


Read more about the individual projects supported by at Danish Research Foundation.