20 October 2023

Honorary doctorate in natural science to prof. Paul Dupree

During the upcoming annual commemoration on 10th November, 2023, Professor Paul Dupree from the University of Cambridge, will receive an honorary doctorate in natural science from the University of Copenhagen. The honorary doctorate is in recognition of Prof. Dupree's  outstanding contributions to unravelling the complex structure of the plant cell wall and the enzymes involved in its degradation and synthesis and extensive collaborations and networking with researchers at the Department of Chemistry as well as Plant and Environmental Sciences and Geosciences and Natural Resource Management. Prof Dupree applies a truly interdisciplinary approach ranging from advanced analytical chemistry to biochemistry and genetics and is a scientist of exceptional integrity. The fundamental insights on the chemistry of the natural world arising from Prof Dupree's work have also wide-ranging implications for overcoming many challenges in achieving sustainable production of food and materials. The Department of Chemistry congratulates Prof Dupree and looks forward to future collaborations.

Prof Dupree will be giving a seminar on 9. November at 15.00 in Auditorium 5 at the HCØ building.