Bioinorganic chemistry and PAC spectroscopy - Hemmingsen Group

I aim to elucidate the role of metal ions in biological systems such as enzyme-catalyzed reactions, regulation of biochemical reactions, and biotechnological applications. Examples of projects are protein aggregation and Alzheimer's disease, bacterial enzymes in resistance to antibiotics, biosensors, and heavy metals binding to proteins. In the process, both a series of spectroscopic techniques and quantum chemical calculations are employed, as well as specialized techniques called PAC and β-NMR spectroscopy, which we regularly go to CERN to “play” with.


You will be involved in an ongoing research project and use spectroscopic and / or quantum chemical techniques to elucidate the structure, dynamics and function of biomolecules that bind metal ions. Titles could be for example "Control of the structure of proteins using. metal ions", "Cu (II) - a role in Alzheimer's disease?" or "Selectivity of biosensors for monovalent metal ions". You can also work with PAC spectroscopy, and develop the technology for new biological applications, specifically nanosecond dynamics of metal sites in proteins is an exciting area, or β-NMR spectroscopy, where we work towards expanding the applications from solid state physics to chemistry and biochemistry - that is, a new technique in the "toolbox". Come by my office for a chat – you are all most welcome.



Lars Hemmingsen

Associate Professor
Office: HCØ, building 2, 2. floor
Phone: +45 2234 1782