Bionanoscience for Membrane Proteins - Martinez Group

Our group focuses on the investigation of G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs), which are membrane proteins playing an essential role in cell signaling. They mediate a plethora of critical physiological responses involved in numerous regulate numerous physiological processes. It makes them the targets of about 36% of all FDA-approved drugs.

We have a strong interest for the recently identified mechanosensitive properties of GPCRs, which suggest an increasing diversity of activation mechanisms. It opens up a plethora of new questions related to these new mechanisms of activation and the relative importance of mechanical versus chemical cues, which contribute to the tissue specificity of GPCR pharmacology.

Our research is driven by the use of innovative strategies to address this question. We investigate GPCR signaling pathways at the subcellular level in single, living cells with various state-of-the-art fluorescence microscopies and we use small devices and nanomaterials to generate quantitative mechanical cues.



  • Single cell biophysical studies

  • GPCR signaling at the micro and nanoscale level

  • Use of high-aspect-ratio nanostructures for biological applications

  • Surface sensitive techniques





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Articles in Popular and Scientific Press:

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