Center for High Entropy Alloy Catalysis (CHEAC)

CHEAC is a Center of Excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation.

CHEAC targets electrochemical reactions for the production of renewable and high-value chemicals where the reaction energy is provided by electricity, thus paving the way for a greener society.



Staff at CHEAC

The research at CHEAC is based on collaboration between four disciplines each with its own PI/co-PI:




Name Role Email
Jan Rossmeisl Center leader
Amanda Schramm Petersen PhD student
Hao Wan PhD student
Jack Kirk Pedersen PhD student 
Alexander Bagger Post doc
Dengxin Yan PhD student 
Christian Møgelberg Clausen PhD student 
Henrik Høgh Kristoffersen Post doc
Frederik C. Østergaard PhD student
Oliver Christensen PhD student
Katrine Svane Post doc
Adrian Malthe Frandsen PhD student
Martin Lillebro S. Nielsen PhD student
Vladislav Ivanistsev MSCA post doc








Name Role Email
Maria Escudero Escribano Co-PI 
Paula Sebastián-Pascual Post doc 
Kim Degn Jensen Post doc 
Jonathan Quinson Post doc
Inês J. Pereira PhD student 
José Alejandro Arminio-Ravelo PhD student 
Maria Paula Salinas-Quezada PhD student
Freja Bech Holde MSc student 
Elena Plaza Mayoral Research assistent 
Pedro Mazaira Couce Erasmus student




Name Role Email
Matthias Arenz Co-PI 
Vlad Mints PhD student
Damin Zhang PhD student
Rebecca Pittkowski Postdoc

CHEAC logo

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Jan Rossmeisl

Center leader 

Heidi Døring

Center coordinator