Bendix Group

Molecule-based magnetic materials, small-molecule activation, reactivity and electronic structure of  high-valent metal centers

We work with new magnetic materials based on transition metals, lanthanides, and actinides. In addition to synthesis of new compounds, we investigate these spectroscopically, by magnetometry and at large-scale international facilities. We also engage in theoretical modeling of their physical properties.. 

In other projects, we investigate metal centers in high oxidation states bound to unusual ligands such as nitride (N3-) og carbide (C4-). These systems are of high relevance for biological chemistry (nitrogenases, cytochromes) as well as for industrial catalysis (Haber-Bosch and Fischer-Tropsch processes).


Magnetism-oriented projects in our group can target synthesis and characterization of new molecule-based magnetic systems. The work can also studies of more theoretical character (LFT, DFT, …) Typically, it will also be possible to get involved in characterizations employing large-scale facilities for more exotic techniques (neutron scattering, X-MCD, muon-spin spectroscopy).

You can also engage in the synthesis and characterization of new high-valent coordination complexes with carbide or nitride ligands. Such projects will typically also involve spectroscopic characterizations and modeling using a range of techniques and modeling methods (EPR, NMR, UV-vis and vibrational spectroscopy, as well as LFT and DFT).



Jesper Bendix

Office: B208
Phone: +45 3532 0101