Weihe Group

Syntheses of optically active ligands and their metal complexes aimed at testing theoretical estimates of the ability of NMR spectroscopy to discriminate the two mirror images of a chiral metal complex.

Development of computer software to simulate and interpret ESR (electron spin resonance) spectra and INS (inelastic neutron scattering) data.

Development of a theoretical formalism to account for magnetic and thermal properties of large spin clusters containing 10 or more paramagnetic centers.


Depending on background and needs, a project may contain concentrated or spread elements from the above list. Typically, new compounds are synthesized and, initially, characterized by in-house techniques such as X-ray crystallography, UV-vis absorption and luminescence spectroscopy, EPR spectroscopy, and magnetic susceptibility measurements.



Høgni Weihe

Associate Professor
Office: B216
Phone: +45 3532 0123
E-mail: weihe@chem.ku.dk