Organic synthesis - Brøndsted Group

The Brøndsted Group seeks to design, synthesize, and study functional organic macromolecules, in particular π-conjugated molecules. All activities are rooted in organic synthesis and physical organic chemistry and involve methods within acetylenic scaffolding, heterocyclic chemistry, and metal-catalyzed coupling reactions. Target molecules include for example photochromic molecules such as dihydroazulenes, redox-active chromophores such as extended tetrathiafulvalenes in combination with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, fluorophores such as boron subphthalocyanines, and large acetylenic scaffolds such as fragments of 6,6,12-graphyne. We target in general molecules that are relevant for solar energy storage, photovoltaics, molecular electronics and data storage devices, supramolecular self-assembly, and conducting materials. 








Guest Prof. Martina Cacciarini (University of Florence)
Post doc Mathias Dowds
Post doc Alexander Kjærsgaard
PhD student Viktor Bliksted Roug Pedersen
PhD student Jeppe Granhøj
PhD student Jonathan Kirschner Solberg Hansen
PhD student Cecilie Rindom
PhD student Christina Schøttler Nielsen (SDC)
PhD student Lili Zhang (SDC)
MSc student Emilie Sperling Andreasen
MSc student Peter Lundgård Krøll