Ultrafast Nanophotonics for Applied Optical Materials – JC group

The interactions between light and materials make the world bright and colorful. Smart ways of utilizing the interactions have a broad application scope in the modern technology such as light harvesting, photocatalytic, and bioimaging applications.

The ultrafast nanophotonics group is devoted to study both the fundamental and applied aspects of the interactions between light and materials. In particular, we explore functions and underlying photophysics and photochemistry of fluorescent molecular materials and semiconductor nanomaterials with a special attention to their applications. We use time-resolved photonics characterization techniques and bottom-up nanofabrication methods.


Currently, we focus on three research areas:

(1) Full organic molecular-based fluorescent nanoparticles.

Here, we are using a novel molecular self-assembly approach (Small-Molecule Ionic Isolation Lattices, SMILES) to develop full-organic fluorescent nanoparticles. Based on this approach we have developed the brightest molecular-based fluorescent nanoparticles. At the moment, we are developing SMILES nanoparticles with fluorescence color from visible to near infrared and lifetime ranging from nanosecond to microsecond. These SMILES nanoparticles have a broad application aspect, such as tumor imaging. In this research topic, we are collaborating with the group of Prof. Bo W. Laursen.

(2) Develop multiplex bioimaging method.

Imaging multiple different types of biomolecules simultaneously in biological samples is the key to understand their function and correlation. Here, we are combining the “normal” color channels with fluorescence lifetime channels to develop multiplex imaging method.

(3) Ultrafast dynamics in metal-halide perovskite nanomaterials.

Metal-halide perovskite nanomaterials show a wide application scope, ranging from photovoltaic to light-emitting diodes, photodetection and photocatalysis. Here we are studying the fundamental photophysical processes (e.g. charge carrier dynamics) in metal-halide perovskite nanomaterials by combining ultrafast spectroscopies with theoretical modeling.



Full publication list: https://scholar.google.se/citations?user=nek1D6IAAAAJ&hl=en

Selected publications:

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Junsheng ChenJunsheng Chen (C.V.)

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Ultrafast Nanophotonics for Applied Optical Materials – JC group

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Junsheng Chen (C.V.)

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