Charge and Heat Transport Theory - Solomon Group

We are a primarily theoretical group in the Nanochemistry section of the Department of Chemistry and the Nano-Science Center.








Gemma Solomon

Gemma C. Solomon (C.V.)
Associate Professor

Office: C304 HCØ
Phone: +45 41 19 77 75
Address: Nano-Science Center and Department of Chemistry
Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

PhD Students
Louise Oxen Høgh Hyllested
William Bro-Jørgensen
Tomislav Rozic
Maria West Jørgensen
Matthew Teynor

Joseph Hamill
Susanne Leitherer

Master Students
Søren Langkilde
Xupeng Song
Andreas Juul Bay-Smidt

Bachelor Students
Amalie Paulsen
Andreas Juul Bay-Smidt
Philip Kofoed-Djursner
Laura Nøhr Holmegård
Jensen Sophia Mikkelsen

Former Group Members
Marco Vanin
Justin P. Bergfield
Olov Karlström
Kim Georg Lind Pedersen
Mikkel Strange
Falco Hüser
Tim Hansen
Anders Borges
Jacob Lykkebo Jørgensen
Qian Li
Chengjun Jin
Alessandro Pirrotta
Kasper Lauritzen
Anders Jensen
Marc Hamilton Garner
Louise Oxen Høgh Hyllested
Jingyao Ye
Sophia Mikkelsen
Amalie Paulsen
William Bro-Jørgensen










At this point in time, we have no open positions, but email enquiries are always welcome.

There are also a number of funding schemes available for funding postdoctoral positions in Denmark and we are happy to collaborate in writing applications for funding.