Pittelkow Laboratory

- Organic and supramolecular chemistry

We are a research group based at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen. The research is largely hypothesis and curiosity driven and employs the principles of chemistry to address questions of importance in chemistry, biology and materials science.

The main tools used in our research are synthetic organic chemistry and a number of spectroscopic techniques.

Bachelor projects, master projects and PhD projects can be performed in the group. A degree in synthetic chemistry leaves students well equipped for careers in a wide array of academic positions, the pharmaceutical industry and in the chemical industry in general.

Find us here:

Department of Chemistry
Universitetsparken 5
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø



















Michael Pittelkow

Associate Professor
Office: B320
Phone: +45 3532 0155
MOB: +45 3054 5509
E-mail: pittel@chem.ku.dk